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Animation and Film


New media technologies are in demand and Puppetry in Practice's Stop-Motion Animation residencies are among our most requested programs. PiP embraces technology as an integral part of its innovative arts education programs. PiP provides students with the essential tools to bring their learning to life with fun and engaging animation techniques, while being immersed in curriculum studies. Students use laptop computers and webcams, animation software and their imaginations to create high-quality animated shorts and features they can share with their peers or broadcast to the world via social media.


This residency develops creative problem solving, critical thinking, and communication and collaboration skills through hands-on learning with technology. Students work together in groups and discover it takes teamwork to succeed beyond their expectations.

For samples of completed student animations, click here.


This residency is typically 10 sessions and meets once a week in the classroom.



For a full program lesson plans click here.

Week 1 - Animation Exploration
Week 2 - Storyboarding
Week 3 - Text and Titles
Week 4 - Cut-Paper/Collage

Week 5 - Pixilation

Week 6 - Whole Class Project

Week 7 - Animating with Objects

Week 8 - Green Screen Exploration
Week 9 - Audio Recording with Music
Week 10 - Final Viewing


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Animation Samples

Animation Samples


A great way for students to learn about and experience poetry is through animation. The abstract structure of poetry lends itself to moving images extremely well, by transforming poems into a visual form or representation, students are actively interpreting the text stanza by stanza, and are able to discover the overall themes, narratives and concepts found in any poem.

Fables and Folktales

Folktales, fables and folklore are an excellent way for students to learn to appreciate the rich traditions and cultures of people around the world. Through investigation and research, students learn the geography, architecture and history of places like West Africa, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Students learn how different communities around the world and throughout time address important aspects of everyday life. This is a great program for 3rd grade Social Studies curriculum.

NYC Landmarks

From the Brooklyn Bridge to Ellis Island to the Empire State Building, students discover and explore the amazing landmarks that make New York City so exceptional. As the cornerstone of the MY NEW YORK program, students become tour guides of their surrounding boroughs through the use of technology and the magic of animation.


This is a collaborative and creative way for students to study the rich history of New York City.


Perfect for addressing 2nd grade Social Studies standards.


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