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Puppet Movie Productions

Seize the opportunity to turn your classroom into a live-action movie studio. PiP’s Puppet Movie Productions residency to incorporates 21st-century learning and technology into curriculum. The final product is the exciting intersection of traditional puppetry and puppet making, performance and the moving image. It's a great way to introduce STEAM learning in the classroom.


Projects are designed for students to adapt and re-present what they’ve learned — and share their work through electronic media.

Young people work collaboratively to engage in content creation—from pre-production, puppet construction and puppeteering, to planning, script writing and voice work, to framing and special effects. Students gain a deeper understanding of the live-action, real-time components of filmmaking, while exploring content rooted in their English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and cultural explorations curriculum. 

Students incorporate new media technology, phone and tablet recording devices, webcams and other electronic devices, and green-screen technology in the creation of films, featuring puppets they construct themselves. Not only is this an engaging, exciting activity for grades 3-12, it accommodates various levels of language proficiency and gives students the opportunity to participate in the presentation of creative work without the pressure of live performance.


This residency is typically 10 sessions and meets once a week in the classroom.



For a full program lesson plans click here.

Week 1 - Animation Exploration
Week 2 - Storyboarding
Week 3 - Text and Titles
Week 4 - Cut-Paper/Collage

Week 5 - Pixilation

Week 6 - Whole Class Project

Week 7 - Animating with Objects

Week 8 - Green Screen Exploration
Week 9 - Audio Recording with Music
Week 10 - Final Viewing


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