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Professional Development

PiP offers professional development and teacher training workshops to equip educators with engaging and imaginative ways to incorporate puppetry and other art forms to enhance curriculum. Working within the requirements of national education standards, PiP provides informative, contemporary and effective tools to be applied immediately to classroom teaching.

Technology-based programs such as stop-motion animation and filmmaking, for instance, help keep teachers informed and up to date, while time-honored activities such as puppet-making and toy theater continue to be effective learning tools. Our teaching artists come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the arts. As a result, teachers and administrators can expect a dynamic, hands-on learning experience accessing puppetry, theater, storytelling and more.


Workshops can be coordinated with any of our residencies, or can be standalone sessions scheduled on school professional development days. Professional development programs can take place on site at any school or at our Resource Center at Brooklyn College.


PiP has a requirements contract with the NYC Board of Education and is constantly revising its strategies to comply with Common Core Curriculum Standards and the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.


PiP offers a wide variety of arts-based workshops for educators.


  • Puppet building

  • Puppetry in literacy

  • Stop-motion Animation

  • Creative writing

  • Playwriting & Immersive Theater

  • Interactive Storytelling

  • Enhancing English language learning


Contact our office:

718.951.4240 or

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