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Mural Painting

Activate any space, inside or outside, with a colorful, collaborative mural. With PiP's professional teaching artists, students work together to design and paint extraordinary murals of all shapes and sizes to adorn their school. Working as a team, these students gain perspective and experience on what public artworks mean to a community and how large-scale artwork is made. Students will feel a stronger bond to their school when they can take ownership over how it looks. Additionally, students will take immense pride in seeing their work prominently displayed for everyone in their community to see day after day.


Mural painting with PiP is fun, challenging and extremely rewarding for the students, teachers and surrounding community. Examples of past works include a community-themed mural at PS 224 in Brooklyn and a garden-themed mural for PS 216's Edible Schoolyard program also in Brooklyn.


Students transform their schools with colorful murals that they help design and create. Working alongside professional artists, students gain experience in large-scale art making, public art spaces and teamwork.


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