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Bridging Brooklyn: Bridges to Culture

Bridging Brooklyn: Bridges to Culture is the cornerstone of our Brooklyn-centric, arts-integrated exploration of the rich history, cultures, landmarks and individuals that make the borough unique and vibrant. This program embraces multiple art forms and can be designed to address English Language Arts, Social Studies or Science curriculum for grades 1-12. Students create artwork using various materials to increase interest in the history and culture of the borough, often with the iconic landmark of the Brooklyn Bridge as its center. Encompassing both traditional and contemporary approaches to artistic inquiry, PiP meets students at their level of language proficiency. PiP engages students in exploring the wonders of their community and builds connections to the importance of their own contributions to the borough.

 Whether it’s recreating key moments in Brooklyn’s history through performance, building replicas of Brooklyn’s most iconic landmarks with recycled materials, celebrating individuals through giant puppet making, or exploring Brooklyn’s cultural contributions to Hip-Hop through dance, Bridging Brooklyn: Bridges to Culture engages students of all ages in a visual and visceral capacity. The program deepens comprehension, helps make connections to community and builds cross-cultural respect.


This residency is typically 10 sessions and meets once a week in the classroom.



For a full program lesson plans click here.

Week 1 - Animation Exploration
Week 2 - Storyboarding
Week 3 - Text and Titles
Week 4 - Cut-Paper/Collage

Week 5 - Pixilation

Week 6 - Whole Class Project

Week 7 - Animating with Objects

Week 8 - Green Screen Exploration
Week 9 - Audio Recording with Music
Week 10 - Final Viewing


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