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Our Puppet Projects

Giant Puppets

Students work collaboratively to create larger-than-life puppets for spectacular parades or school decorations. Step by step, students design, papier-mache, paint, costume, construct and puppeteer their giant creations!

Sock Puppets

Sock puppets are a fun and easy way to introduce puppetry to students. This is our most simple puppet-making workshop but always a favorite. Sock puppets teach students the basics of puppetry, puppet-making and manipulation.

Ball Puppets

These tabletop puppets are perfect for classroom performances and Toy Theaters. Students adorn the puppets with eyes, hair, pipe cleaners and more. The mouth is movable for students to give their creations a voice of their own.

Shadow Puppets

Fun and spectacular! Children create shadow puppets to illustrate fairy tales, myths and their own original stories. Create an instant show in the classroom for the whole class and learn about the history of shadow puppetry from around the world.

Papier-Mache Masks

Exploring the art and history of masks from around the world, students create their own masks of animals, people, or characters out of papier-mache. Students can work in groups and enjoy the process of watching their creations take shape.

Paper Puppets

Inexpensive and fun! Transform colored papers into a whacky puppet using basic materials and creativity. This is a great way for parents and teachers to introduce children to puppetry and character development.

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