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PIP Center at Brooklyn College

WALT WHITMAN at the College.jpg

The PiP Center and Resource Room at Brooklyn College opened its doors in 1980.


PiP is an independent non-profit organization. Our partnerships with the School of Education and the Early Childhood Center keep our center buzzing with young teachers and even younger students.


The PiP Center is adorned with puppets, pictures and masks documenting the years of programs and performances and is a treasure trove of puppet-making materials and techniques.


Our staff is always on hand and excited to share our knowledge with teachers about effective, fun and engaging ways to incorporate puppetry and the arts into their lesson plans.


Always filled with students, teachers and parents, the PiP Center and Resource Room is a collaborative atmosphere designed to promote the sharing of ideas in a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary arts space. Schedule a visit or just drop in anytime.

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